I’m a Guest at ‘Bakkie met Bergsma’

Dutch publicist and former lawyer Sietske Bergsma invited me to talk about my latest blog post, Building the Non-Lie. Sietske runs the video channel Bakkie met Bergsma as part of her publication The Fire Online. Our conversation is in Dutch, about one hour, click here to watch on YouTube.

(Click to watch)

I’ve been a fan of Sietske’s work for several years, she sharply observes and analyzes current events and manages to do so with humor and a big heart. Among her guests have been author Michael P. Senger and playwright and novelist C.J. Hopkins, the latter video was recently removed for undefined reasons by anonymous overlords.

Hereby I wish you, dear reader, a nice weekend, perhaps with a glimpse of the Full Harvest Moon in fiery Aries, as well as a lovely St. Michael’s Day, feast of courage, to those who also celebrate today.

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