When the Worst Won

Read in Dutch on The Fire Online

In a kakistocracy the worst of all people are in charge. This Greek word can be applied to any governed entity, a country, an institution, a company, et cetera, and it reflects a situation that is inherently harmful. Leaders are incapable of doing their jobs, either morally, practically or both. The reasons behind their failing are highly relevant, although never as relevant as the primary, tragic fact that the job is being failed.… Continue reading

I’m a Guest at ‘Bakkie met Bergsma’

Dutch publicist and former lawyer Sietske Bergsma invited me to talk about my latest blog post, Building the Non-Lie. Sietske runs the video channel Bakkie met Bergsma as part of her publication The Fire Online. Our conversation is in Dutch, about one hour, click here to watch on YouTube.

(Click to watch)

I’ve been a fan of Sietske’s work for several years, she sharply observes and analyzes current events and manages to do so with humor and a big heart.… Continue reading

Building the Non-Lie

It’s harder than it seems to build a truthful venture atop the ruins of a World of Lies. Whoever has had the courage to start such a new venture is working hard to make ends meet.

Picture an under-funded, under-appreciated startup that disrupts nothing but the phoney. There exists no subsidy or Quantitative Easing, no funding rounds A, B or C to get this unpopular startup, the Non-Lie, up and running.… Continue reading

Mijn visie op de informatie-oorlog

Op uitnodiging van Fiona Zwart was ik onlangs te gast bij Café Weltschmerz. Deze journalistieke denktank richt zich op maatschappelijke, sociale, politieke en filosofische vraagstukken. Het is in 2014 opgericht, een periode waarin voor mij persoonlijk duidelijk werd dat de wereld een minder rooskleurige richting op ging, primair gekenmerkt door de internationale geldontwaarding als reactie op de financiële crisis van 2008 — het jaar dat ik journalistiek studeerde in New York en stage liep in hetzelfde gebouw als Lehman Brothers.… Continue reading