Laura is a historian, writer and former journalist based in The Netherlands.
This personal website is a collection of her academic, journalistic and artistic work.


Book Cover

Laura wrote ‘Consistency and Change in Bertrand Russell’s Attitude towards War’ (Sidestone Press, 2008)


Sunrise in Montfoort, The Netherlands

Poetry, drawings, photography, music and other artistic works.


Notebooks and press passes

Some of Laura’s academic and journalistic articles in Dutch and English.

Latest Blog Posts

  • From Ponzi to Ponzi
    I met Bernie Madoff at a party in Florida. It was just a year or so before December 2008, when he got arrested and began his 150 years in jail for running the biggest ponzi scheme the world had ever seen. Back then, he was just one of the manyContinue reading “From Ponzi to Ponzi”
  • Journalism, Truth and Time
    If I don’t speak my truth, I will never be able to take myself seriously again. I would be betraying myself AND my profession. My entire career is built on making information available to people. Freedom of information is my #1 motivation. This is the work I’ve been doing forContinue reading “Journalism, Truth and Time”
  • Er klopt iets niet
    Het was nog erg vroeg, maar zoals altijd en overal in New York was het leven op straat in volle gang. Ik liep vlak bij het metrostation Brooklyn Borough Hall op deze bewuste koude, maar zonnige doordeweekse ochtend in november 2008. Als student journalistiek was ik onderweg naar een interview.Continue reading “Er klopt iets niet”

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

Peter Berg (Filmmaker)

About Laura

Historian, writer and former journalist based in The Netherlands.