Laura’s work featured in media, video, articles:

Guest at ‘Bakkie met Bergsma’

September 29, 2023: Dutch publicist and former lawyer Sietske Bergsma invited Laura to a cup of coffee to talk about her latest blog post, Building the Non-Lie. Sietske runs the publication The Fire Online.

She sharply observes and analyzes current events and manages to do so with humor and a big heart. Watch or listen to the conversation on different platforms, click here to watch on YouTube.

News Commentary

Laura Slot Blckbx Today

Between August 2022 and June 2023: news commentary for the online Dutch live news show Blckbx Today. Laura shared facts and analyses on topics like censorship, media, propaganda, cultural tensions in the West, government corruption and geopolitics with regards to the United States.

These broadcasts are available on many platforms, for a complete overview check here on Rumble.

Café Weltschmerz: Interview

Laura Slot Weltschmerz

May 2021, an in-depth interview at Café Weltschmerz, a Dutch online broadcaster founded in 2013. Laura shared her views on corrupted information flows and troublesome consolidations in media and Big Tech, and placed these developments in the context of our Zeitgeist. Watch and listen on several platforms, see Café Weltschmerz for all the options, or on YouTube.

Earlier Work Featured

Laura Slot Slator

Between 2009 and 2022 Laura worked in the field of linguistics for public and private technology companies in the US and The Netherlands, her work was featured in a short news article in May 2016, in the language industry’s leading news source, Slator Magazine.