Below you’ll find a few rough drafts of my poems in English and Dutch. A printed book with a collection is forthcoming.

My inspirators are, among others, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Tupac Shakur, Charles Bukowski, J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Graves, Theodore Roethke, Rainer Maria Rilke, W.S. Merwin, Jorge Luis Borges, W.B. Yeats, Walt Whitman and of course D.H. Lawrence.

Suggestions for creative collaborations, including editing and song writing, are always much appreciated, for inquiries do not hesitate to contact me.



Let me drive without the brakes and
be the fool who raised the stakes

Karmic debt is mine to pay
If I must leave I'll never stay

The ballast is of unknown weight but
By God
Let me sail the sea of fate



Some creatures on the beach, you see
Are not part of society
Mother Nature is their only home
The dunes their holy place to roam

They look like us when passing by
But there is more than meets the eye
They live in tune with all Earth's songs
And travel where spirits belong

At night as they lay their heads
Unaware of modern dread
They sleep soundly, conscience clear
Forever free from force and fear

Out of reach of devilish voices
Demanding we make different choices
Those creatures on the beach, you see
Mother Nature is their identity



Forgive me
For walking backwards
Further away from you
I left you there
In this godforsaken end station
Along with the heavy bags
That we once packed
The trains are leaving backwards
Like me
You don't understand
But I don't have words
And I am walking backwards



The waves once covered the stone, effortlessly, before retreating
when the moon gave the time to go
Sunk into the ground, landing, the weightlessness fleeting
so gradually, in ebb after flow

Now the sand held it, to dry, to warm in the sun
its weight heavy, still, more true than before
The stone's journey must have only just begun
so naturally, on the unfamiliar shore