You held on tight
for as long as you could
Losing a lifelong fight
so often misunderstood

Your sorrow and fear
took over fast
Years later it was clear
the point of no return had passed

Sometimes I find the place
that you knew so well
Each sip a fall from grace
to let it go to hell

I did take all you gave
but your pain is not mine
You taught me to be brave
and how to walk the line

I understand you had to go
leaving both the good and bad
How and why, I’ll never know
but you’ll always be my dad

The Super Moon

The moon is close to Earth today
at dusk it is best seen
like a giant heart that wants to say
I’m closer than I've ever been

Darkness is where light shines best
and when your heart knows both
balancing the cursed and blessed
turns into boundless growth

Who are we to tell the moon
to show its beauty in the day
let us wait ‘till night falls soon
and it will lead the way

Not if but when the sun does set
remember to stay close
and honor all the light you shed
in corners where love grows

It all exists without a trace
just let yourself fall free
for even in an empty space
all true love will be