Integrative therapy is custom-made for you after an initial meeting. Elements from a wide variety of therapies are combined.

It can be painful when you feel a certain power within you, but it’s out of reach. Or if something doesn’t feel right about your life but you’re not sure why. Sometimes you’ve had therapy before but physical or mental ailments persist. In these situations an independent therapist can help.

If I observe deeper problems during our initial meeting, I will advise you to find a GZ-psychologist. I can assist with that.

My expertise
Highly sensitive persons

Initial appointment (30 mins): free
Appointment adult (60 mins): 60 euro
Appointment 12-25 years (60 mins): 50 euro

At the moment it is not yet possible to receive reimbursements from Dutch health insurers.

Due to the importance of body language and energetic information, face-to-face meetings are essential for therapy, however if you can’t come in person an online meeting is also possible.

The location in Venlo is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9AM-4PM.

Make an appointment for a free initial appointment by sending an email to