The FBI and the Why of the Blue Sky

The biggest censorship case in modern history is that of the brilliant Austrian-American psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957), who worked closely with Sigmund Freud. On August 23, 1956, the FBI burned 6 tonnes, 5443 kilograms, of Reich’s books and research. Reich died in prison a few months after his arrest in 1957.

Blue sky over Venlo

His research focused on ‘orgone energy’, which he described as a universal force behind life’s healing energy, the weather and the reason why the sky and water appear to our eyes as blue.… Read the rest

Addiction Cure Suppressed

The strange disappearance of books and articles on baclofen

Around the time I was born, my 25-year-old father was most likely already addicted to alcohol, and I’ve spent a big part of my life taking care of him until he died at age 58. He was my best friend. He had the strongest will to live. He had the strongest will to quit drinking. But he couldn’t quit. In Dutch, ‘addiction’ means ‘verslaving’, ‘enslavement’.… Read the rest